GPS - Global Positioning System

RTK - Real Time Kinematic

       Survey crews at both office locations use Trimble R8 GNSS units when possible. Whenever they area outside of the R8 network, they then use the Trimble 5800 GPS unit. Using these units allows us to obtain on-site data faster than traditional methods as well as perform large scale projects with a high degree of precision. Our GPS vector data, along with CORS data from surrounding CORS stations, is usually entered into a least squares adjustment program for accurate coordinate computation. These bases are used for projecting our real-time or RTK survey to the pertinent features of the project.


    Using Trimble GPS/RTK equipment has allowed us to expand our boundaries while maintaining our accuracy and precision. With that in mind, we currently own and host a RTK Base station in Glen Rose with the RTK Cooperative Network (Western Data Systems). Check out www.txrtk.com for more information.


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Last modified: 02/23/11